Covers all 21 of the common Git commands
  Split up into easy to manage chunks
  Includes After Hours sections for deeper understanding
  Complete Git output from all new commands
  Scenario based for associative learning
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Git In The Trenches, or GITT is designed to be a book that focusses on teaching people to use Git by associating with scenarios that are experienced by a fictional company called Tamagoyaki Inc. Through reading about their day to day lives, the reader will learn not only how to use Git, but why version control systems are important and how to implement them within an organisation.


It is the intention of the author to make the book available freely online, and eventually offer a printed version via a self publishing site online. If someone out there thinks the book would do well to be published by a proper print publisher and can help make this happen, please get in contact. However the book will remain free online no matter what.


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The GITT project would love for people to branch off and make alterations to the text, or even start to create translations. Currently the book is written in LaTeX, but it isn't hard to learn. You can see the source files in plain text and edit them quite easily. Also, we are looking for situations in which you may have found yourself whilst using Git, whether you managed to resolve them or not. GITT is rather scenario based sometimes, so we need situations in which to place the employees at Tamagoyaki Inc. Spelling fixes are always welcome, as are general comments on the text itself.

Anyone who contributes will be added to the Acknowledgement section if they wish it. If I miss you out, please do not be offended, just
nudge me gently :)

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